Document Management in the Bahamas

Find and store your business records efficiently with proper document management


What is Document Management?

Document management services allow you to catalog and store physical records at our secure, off- site location. Client files are stored in a 20,000 sq. ft. document management center that is monitored 24 hours per day, 7 days per week by a digitized CCTV surveillance system. Additional safety features include keypad only entrance into the facility and fire prevention and retardant amenities.

How Records Are Managed

We manage records efficiently by physically storing individual client files and also digitally cataloging files upon request. You can request your files from your office work station using our password-protected portal.

Advantages of Storing Off-Site

Keeping records including confidential files, contracts, banking statements and legal documents at our secure document management facility reduces risk and improves business efficiency. It also ensures greater privacy for customers, clients and employees. This remote location allows for greater security. We safely store client records in a secure, single tenant facility. Our 30 ft. insulated ceilings are made of solid concrete. Shelving in the document center is designed for maximum protection and efficiency. Features like in-rack sprinklers in the records centre allows for rapid-fire suppression providing added document protection.

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Order Boxes

boxes and console

Our custom Sunryse “banker boxes” are durable and easy to assemble. Unique, ergonomically designed handles with a special flap ensure boxes do not break and can withstand up to 200lbs of weight. Ready to order boxes for in office storage?


Applying our document management tools to your overall operations will enhance privacy and further protect your organization from unnecessary risks.

Audit Rooms

Book time slots in our audit rooms to view documents stored at our facilities. This service is offered as a courtesy to you for short-term projects. For long-term use, call (242) 677-4733 to request a quote for projects extending beyond two working days.

Filing Index

Let us build a complete electronic inventory of your records using bar coding technology. To begin the process, individual records stored in “banker boxes” are catalogued and prioritized based on your needs. Once collected and transported to our facilities, each file is coded and placed in storage. On-site cataloging is also available. All files can be accessed, managed and requested for delivery through our Sunryse web portal.

"Sunryse was a seamless addition to our work flow because they were able to customize their product to fit our needs."

Camille Cleare: Harry B. Sands, Lobosky & Co.

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