Shredder Services

Destroy confidential business files using shredding techniques


Why Shred?

  • Shredding reduces the cost of managing information that is no longer needed for your business.
  • Protect your reputation by protecting your customers' confidential information
  • Documents are shredded into undecipherable pieces.
  • Upon destruction, we present each client  with a 'Certificate of Destruction' to certify the job was completed.
  • Our service is simple to use, fast and efficient.
  • We get the job done by using shredding techniques that meet international industry standards.

The importance of business shredding

Disposing documents in a responsible way reduces the risk of confidentiality breaches while offering security for client records.


How to shred efficiently

Our core values mandate Sunryse team members commit to the highest standard of care, always maintaining confidentiality when managing private records.


Sunryse shredding solutions

On-Call Mobile Shredding

Our on call team is always readily available to schedule an onsite destruction exercise.

Our mobile shredding trucks are outfitted with CCTvs for client observation and our highly trained staff is are equipped to handle your confidnetial information.

Regular Scheduled Service

Our regular scheduled program is created on a case by case basis to ensure each client receives a program tailored to suit their needs.

By using our service on a monthly basis, clients receive the benefit of knowing their documents are secured at all times.


Shred Responsibly

By properly destroying records, your company reduces the risk of confidentiality breaches, ensuring greater privacy for client records and ultimately demonstrates an organization's commitment to good governance.

Choosing to shred with Sunryse also reduces the impact your business has on the natural environment. We ensure that 100% of the documents shredded at Sunryse are recycled and converted into tissue paper or hand towels. Thus reducing your business' carbon foot print. 

"Sunryse has been our preferred security provider for several years, and we appreciate the level of service that is consistently provided."

Shelly Nairn: Halsbury Chambers, Counsel & Attorneys-at-Law – Notaries Public

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